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Reasons for Outsourcing Desktop Support Service in New York

Compared to paying full time salaries to in-house desktop support staffs, these days’ various organizations and companies in New York are widely seen in outsourcing desktop support tasks to a reliable service provider. Running an organization with a sizable workforce, makes it important in maintaining all the workstations in peak performance conditions at all times.

By going through the below description you will find some significant reasons for getting a computer support in New York:

Saving Expenses:

Outsourcing desktop support proves to be cost-effective, which results in minimizing business expenditures while boosting productivity. With a guaranteed 24/7 desktop support service, your staff and employees will report work satisfaction, which will enhance your business standards in thriving New York market.

maintenanceAchieving a Skilled Workforce:

With competent desktop support service, you will get the assistance of qualified and skilled workforce that will ensure best results. You will find all support personnel are certified and experienced professionals to execute a complex desktop support service with an ease.

Getting Continuous Support:

It is not possible to get an in-house support team for working 24/7; whereas outsourcing desktop support service will ensure a skilled team will be there always 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year at your service. You will get a guaranteed nonstop support as per your requirement and at any time.

Prompt Response:

External desktop support team will work with prompt response and professionalism as per the contract that will ensure of delivering excellent service. In New York, desktop support service is found to be flexible with remote desktop support, which proves much more effective. This ensure of quick fixing of your desktop issues with lowest possible downtime.

Approaching a Service Provider in New York:

While approaching a desktop support service provider, you should ask about qualifications of support staffs and find out response time. It is considered best to get a complete desktop support service package in New York from CompCiti, which most of the businesses and organizations have found to be effective in experiencing growth of their business. Our effective and reasonable desktop support services will ensure smooth flow of your business network in a competitive market with great credentials. We excel in tailoring the support package for clients in New York that will suitably reduce downtime and expenses.

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Top 4 Latest Managed IT Service Trends That Ensures Emerging Business Efficiency

Now-a-days leading enterprises are pushing towards the hybrid IT strategies; that’s the main reason why the managed IT services are on the rise! In order to run a successful business, most enterprises has been optimizing technology in every step, by employing the latest technologies, tools and technologies to ensure a streamlining business growth.

Currently, managed service providers (MSPs) are delivering high standard managed IT services in the form of software, network application, mobile technologies and e-management services and strategies for the businesses of all varieties; no matter whether it’s big or small!

Top 4 Hot Trends of Managed IT Services For Efficient Business Strategy

new-york-skylinePublic Cloud and Robotic Automations

As per the recent innovation in managed IT services, many MSPs are looking for efficient ways to differentiate different offerings. Some MSPs are focused on cloud technology; while others rely on the robotic automations. As per the report on Forrester, development of cloud strategy is very far from easy.

Protection and Storage of Huge Amount of Data

Well, the to-do list of any enterprise includes:

  • Keep the data safe
  • Find the new ways to use the data
  • Decision making

As per the growing technology based solutions of MSPs, the digital storage requires specific knowledge to optimize and maintain. But managing an exponential array of data is a quite tiring task to execute; but the most efficient and reliable data access and in IT industry, the driving trends of current managed IT services is one and only solution to this problem! However, managed It service can let a business to operate smoothly with round the clock security assurance; if any situation arises, then contact the MSP right away to retain the operational procedure.

Enhance The Technology Infrastructure

Now companies of all sizes check out technology more like a primary concern in order to get the optimal business objectives. However, the strategic goals of many enterprises will be met through the technology; both the current trends they face on day-to-day basis and future possible innovations for enhanced business efficiency.

Effective Functionality of IT Management

When it comes to managed IT services, the functionality of IT management of any enterprise can be achieved efficiently. Well, the proactive managed IT services can be essential for the effective functionality of IT management of any business or any enterprise! In fact, managed IT services can be nothing but a key concern to ensure a progressive business today.

At the end, managed IT services are something that offers a bridge to enable a connection between the fast growth of an enterprise to the ultimate level of enhanced operational functionality, efficiency, growth and security. So, it’s highly recommended to turn towards the managedIT services of Compciti Business Inc. For more information regarding our services, stay connected with us through Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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Importance of Network And Server Support In New York

With the advancement of technology, now owning a computer is not a luxury statement anymore. However, having a computer in the household is a basic necessity now; rather than claiming it for your social status. Not only home, now-a-days in offices or business sectors also, each employee is allotted with individual computers. With the increasing number of computers in the office, the significant need of interlinking computers is very necessary in order to ensure the computer work efficiently and effectively. That’s the reason why the usage of networking comes into the picture.

maintenanceNeed of Network and Server Support Service In New York

In the world of computer networking, network and server support service in New York has proved to be helpful. As you know that when something goes wrong in your computer network, the entire system starts malfunctioning. Thus, it’s very crucial to opt the server support service in New York of Compciti Business Solutions, Inc. and let our computer consultant in New York handle them in a professional and quick way.

After all, a computer network is the backbone of every business or company and server downtime can offer severe impact on the productivity, workflow of your business and even the ability of your employee to serve your potential customers. Moreover, it can only be sorted out by the state of art server support services of our computer consultants at Compciti Business Solutions, Inc. After that only, your IT infrastructure will be maintained with the efficient management and proper functionality.

about-compcitiTime is indeed money; our proficient network and server support service provider can easily identify the problem in the shortest time span to lessen your downtime. Our computer consultants in New York will employ cutting edge network and server support strategy to maintain the optimal performance of your network server by resolving all the network related issues efficiently through a series of proven methodology.

As a managed IT service provider, we will ensure that your server is secured against the attack of internal and external security threats. To get the best server support services right away, call our professional computer consultant at (212) 594-4374.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Companies Switching To The Managed IT Services

From small to medium companies, all are turning to Managed IT services for improving their internal IT resources and take over the management of all the networks together. There are quite a few benefits of choosing our managed IT services in New York.

But, first of all you should know ‘ What is ‘Managed IT Services’.

cloud1As per the Wikipedia, Managed Services is the ultimate practice of outsourcing daily IT management responsibilities to improve the operations as well as cut the expenses.

Offerings Of Managed IT Services In New York City

Round The Clock Proactive Maintenance And Monitoring Facility

Whenever any potential problem arises, then there will be no way left for your company to monitor the network right away. But with our managed services in New York City, your network can be monitored round the clock so that more issues will be realized and resolved immediately prior to the major problems.


If your computer or a server suddenly crashes down, then definitely, budgets will be busted on the unexpected repair services. Our managed IT services in New York will allow your company or business to get a better budget for the service we will provide.

networkingAll-inclusive Reporting

Coming to know the activity on your network is important to determine how you will allocate your budget for the future and what your employees are doing online. Without this reporting, you don’t have any source to know the issues to be resolved, where the issues occur frequently and many more. Managed IT Service in New York City, of Compciti Business Solutions Inc. can offer you the comprehensive report of error message, user activity, problem remediation as well as the biannual review of these reports so that you can learn what is happening on your network.


As there is availability of amazing quality tool sets, so issues can be reported right away. With perfect planning and notifications, the patches and updates are scheduled in a such a way that the work of an end user won’t be disrupted during working hours.

Improved Security

Security is the major concern for all business owners. If you don’t have any up-to-date security system for your network, then it will be a serious problem for your business. Generally, our managed IT service can offer you the best solution to monitor your Firewall, antivirus and apply the latest updates to ensure your network as secure as possible!

Want to know more about our managed IT services and support? Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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BEWARE of Cyber Security Threats

While technological developments have offered us vast areas of new opportunities and many potential sources of efficiency for organizations from small to big, these new technologies have also brought uncountable and unpredicted threats with them. Basically, cyber security defined as the protection of networks, systems and data in cyberspace, which is a very critical issue for all business. It will become more important as more of your devices connected to the internet. In this blog section of Compciti Business Solutions Inc.; we will discuss some of these cyber security threats. We are a New York based cyber security service and IT solution provider. In our several years of cyber security service providing, we deal with hundred thousands of cyber security matters and well beware to it.



It is a small software program that can replicate itself and spread one computer to another ay attaching itself computer files. It used to gain access, corrupt and modify files and information from a targeted computer system.


Worms are also a self-replicating software program and don’t need another program to attach themselves. They continuously look for vulnerabilities of system users and reports back to its author when weaknesses are founded. Worms damage network systems and deliver payloads and allow control of the infected computer to its author.


Spyware/Adware is installed on computer system by clicking links, opening attachments or downloading infected software. Author of a spyware can take control of your computer system and collect your personal information without your knowledge.


Trojans are specially used by cyber criminals to vulnerabilities on your computer, which allow them to stole and damage your information. This is a piece of software program appears to perform one program, but acts as something else for your system.

vpnCyber criminals operate their bad intentions remotely through these malwares, which is a prime threat for cyber network, computer system and valuable data. The more cyber security precautions you will use, the more these malwares will stay away from your computer and network system. For this reason, cyber security service is a very necessary security solution that you must choose for your business.

Need cyber security solutions? We can help. Compciti Business Solutions Inc. provides different cyber security solutions for both residential and commercial purpose. We have proficient cyber security experts to help you. Just dial (212) 594-4374 and tell our support all your needs; and we will be with you for your help.

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Importance of Cyber Security Service in IT Industry

Currently, the internet has become an indispensable communication tool as it has changed the lives of individuals. Some people use the internet for research whereas for others, it’s a necessary tool like the integral part of their daily lives. Though the internet is an ubiquitous option, so it’s considerably harder to survive without making access to the internet.

hardware-installationLikewise, businesses, corporate sectors have also included the internet in their day-today operations. But businesses cover complex online applications, so the internet usage for commercial purpose has advanced to become more sophisticated to accommodate the several necessities of organizations such as cloud computing, data storage, data transfer, email and virtualization. In fact, the internet is an essential platform on which the business processes are made and operated. As there are various operations going on within a particular organization, such as business information is stored, exchanged and transferred, so the security of data storage is an important concern.

itHowever, Cyberterrorism is the virtual crime which aims on the pirated vital information over the internet as well as attacks the major data storage points of IT industry.

Cyber-terrorism – A Dangerous Threat to the Business Information Security

In short, Cyberterrorism targets the organizations with huge business data on their computers. The most dangerous fact is that cyber-terrorists have the capability to ultimately disable the entire economic system.

Points to Attack

Just like terrorists have certain entrance points, such as airports with the poor security system, seaports and bus terminals, cyber-terrorists can enter into the IT systems through several corrupted means. Without having the software in perfect place, malicious software can pierce the local area network of your business through emails and social networks, which can let the doors open for the cyber-terrorists.

How to Prevent Cyber Threats entering into your IT Infrastructure?

In order to build a strong business IT security system, company management should rely on cyber security service in New York. In fact, it’s a good step towards winning the battle against the cyber-terrorism.

On the other hand, set strict policies to restrict the usage of external storage devices like flash drives, mp3 players, HDD devices, mobile phones and other gadgets to get rid of any potentially harmful file transfer to your computer network.

Calling the qualified cyber security service in New York can minimize the risks to your company’s vital data, networks effectively. You can able to create the safe, high quality hardware and software, network with cyber security service in New York of Compciti Business Solutions. Taking care of your business data security is our main aim. As technologies are more sophisticated, we are readily available to keep your data safe before they are exposed to any potentially harmful software. To learn more about how can we help to keep your business information safe and secure, call us today at (212) 594-4374 or contact us online.