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8 Ways a Computer Repair Service in New York Can Help You

Businesses and other organizations rely upon their computer systems like never before. That’s why computer slowdowns, software crashes, network failures, backup failures, and other computer-related problems can have such a huge impact on your operations. CompCiti’s computer repair service in New York can help keep slowdowns and crashes to a minimum, create a better backup system, and secure your systems against common cyber threats. Here are eight ways CompCiti can help where the typical PC retailer cannot.

1. Complete Computer Support Package

PC retailers charge quite a premium for the honor of fixing their own products. Worse, they won’t be able to help you with anything besides their own computers – not very practical when your systems likely consist of many different name brands. CompCiti, on the other hand, is local computer repair service in New York that can maintain your complete IT infrastructure. We provide comprehensive computer support packages with options for desktop support, computer upgrade/repair, server support/maintenance, networking, and computer repair service for all your systems, no matter what brand. You’ll have better coverage of your IT systems at a lower cost. 

2. Local Location & Easy Access

PC retailers’ idea of computer repair service in New York is a crowded outlet where you drop off and pick up your computers. CompCiti’s idea of easy and convenient is providingonsite service anywhere in New York. After all, why not get the work done in your office instead of theirs? We can provide everything from repair, maintenance, and upgrades to complete computer replacement.

3. Quick Service

Despite their promises, dropping off your computers with a PC retailer is not exactly “quick.” You can go days, even weeks, without your computer while they go on serving other customers. With CompCiti, our only focus when we’re repairing your computers is you. In most cases, we can fix or upgrade your computer immediatelyonsite, anywhere in New York.

4. Personal Attention to Your Needs

Large PC retailers employee dozens of low-wage customer service representatives who don’t know much about your computer. They’ll take your computer and pass it along to the techs. To them, you’re just another customer – another order form to fill in.

CompCiti on the other hand sends professional technicians to your door to take care of your problem right now. You’ll get personalized – and personal – computer repair service that meets your needs.

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5. One-Stop Buying

Large PC retailers who offer computer repair service in New York often offer their services through different departments – they may even send your computer away for repairs. CompCiti provides all computer repair services under one service call, so that no matter what you need – computer repair, maintenance, upgrade, or replacement – we can take care of all of it for you, without the hassles.

6. Handles Different Kinds of Computer Repairs

The thing about working with a PC retailer is that you’re working with many PC retailers – one for each brand of computer and IT/networking system equipment you own. A computer repair service in New York such as CompCiti can repair any make or model of computer. Not only that, we can help ensure your computers and IT systems are protected from cyber threats with complete cybersecurity packages that will lock down your computers from hackers, viruses, and other malicious attacks.

7. 24/7 Support Service

Large PC retailers have limited working hours, so if your computers break down anywhere outside of 9 to 5, you’re out of luck. CompCiti, on the other hand, is a computer repair service provider in New York that provides clients with 24/7 emergency service.

8. Knowledge about current Software and Hardware Trends

PC retailers know their systems and software – and they know how to sell them. But with all the new technology coming out, are they really the best choice today? You’ll never get a straight answer about that from a retailer. At CompCiti, we are licensed to sell many different products so we can recommend the best hardware and software for your business needs, regardless of brand.

8. No Long-Term Contracts

Many PC retailers lock you in for long-term maintenance of a year, sometimes more. CompCiti provides repair contracts on a monthly basis, so you can leave atanytime for any reason. (Though once you experience our high level of customer service, it’s unlikely you’ll want to…!)

The CompCiti Difference

CompCiti provides complete computer repair services in New York and the surrounding area as well as cybersecurity services, network installation and maintenance, managed IT services, and specialty services such as IT staffing and VoIP installation. Plus, we provide our clients with 24/7 emergency services – We’re Working When You Are. Call on (212) 594-4374 to find out how CompCiti can help with computer repair and all your IT needs.

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Top 4 Latest Managed IT Service Trends That Ensures Emerging Business Efficiency

Now-a-days leading enterprises are pushing towards the hybrid IT strategies; that’s the main reason why the managed IT services are on the rise! In order to run a successful business, most enterprises has been optimizing technology in every step, by employing the latest technologies, tools and technologies to ensure a streamlining business growth.

Currently, managed service providers (MSPs) are delivering high standard managed IT services in the form of software, network application, mobile technologies and e-management services and strategies for the businesses of all varieties; no matter whether it’s big or small!

Top 4 Hot Trends of Managed IT Services For Efficient Business Strategy

new-york-skylinePublic Cloud and Robotic Automations

As per the recent innovation in managed IT services, many MSPs are looking for efficient ways to differentiate different offerings. Some MSPs are focused on cloud technology; while others rely on the robotic automations. As per the report on Forrester, development of cloud strategy is very far from easy.

Protection and Storage of Huge Amount of Data

Well, the to-do list of any enterprise includes:

  • Keep the data safe
  • Find the new ways to use the data
  • Decision making

As per the growing technology based solutions of MSPs, the digital storage requires specific knowledge to optimize and maintain. But managing an exponential array of data is a quite tiring task to execute; but the most efficient and reliable data access and in IT industry, the driving trends of current managed IT services is one and only solution to this problem! However, managed It service can let a business to operate smoothly with round the clock security assurance; if any situation arises, then contact the MSP right away to retain the operational procedure.

Enhance The Technology Infrastructure

Now companies of all sizes check out technology more like a primary concern in order to get the optimal business objectives. However, the strategic goals of many enterprises will be met through the technology; both the current trends they face on day-to-day basis and future possible innovations for enhanced business efficiency.

Effective Functionality of IT Management

When it comes to managed IT services, the functionality of IT management of any enterprise can be achieved efficiently. Well, the proactive managed IT services can be essential for the effective functionality of IT management of any business or any enterprise! In fact, managed IT services can be nothing but a key concern to ensure a progressive business today.

At the end, managed IT services are something that offers a bridge to enable a connection between the fast growth of an enterprise to the ultimate level of enhanced operational functionality, efficiency, growth and security. So, it’s highly recommended to turn towards the managedIT services of Compciti Business Inc. For more information regarding our services, stay connected with us through Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


Proactive Managed IT Services For Effective Functionality of IT Management

Due to the ever-changing and ever-evolving demands of IT, it’s very essential for the businesses, especially those with less resources, being able to keep them up to date; there is no better, more efficient and cost-effective solution than the Managed IT services!

What is Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are nothing but the outsourcing of day-to-day responsibilities and functionalities in order to enhance the operations and cutting expenses. Well, the managed IT services may include outsourcing HR activities, computer repair and desktop support or maintenance activities. The individual or an organization that offers the managed service is known as the Managed IT Service Provider or MSP.

The Modern IT Method: – Defining Managed Services

The main motto behind using our managed IT services includes some vital and true best practices:

  • Daily maintenance like computer repair and desktop support can prolong the usability and performance of computer systems.
  • Routine updates of security and software can protect the network from several threats and issues.
  • Remote computer support can minimize the costs for computer repair and desktop support services.
  • Proactive monitoring and quick detection of important issues before becoming more severe.
  • Systematic documentation and network maps for precise overview of the IT needs of a certain business.

Top Highlighting Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services as the Outsourcing Unit of Internal IT Department

However, it’s quite uncommon for businesses to take proper care of their network and computers like the household appliances. When any system breaks, then you must have to pay someone to fix it. Some companies even hire an internal computer technician to fix these problems. But with the help of our managed IT services, we will make sure each and every aspect of your IT management company will be up and running.

           Computer Repair Service in New York

Early Detection of Issues Can’t Affect The End User

Most often, beginning computer issues is barely noticeable. Our MSPs (Managed IT Service Providers) can easily run the reporting and monitoring tools, that can easily detect the issues and report back when any potential problem will be discovered. This way, it can be fixed, by minimizing the frustration and of your employee. Some of them are:

  • Hard Disc Drive Failure Warnings
  • Malware, Virus and Spyware Protection
  • Outdated Windows and Service Packs Updates
  • Antivirus Updates
  • Windows Update Failures and many more

Reduces Overall IT Expenses

Within the short span of time, our managed IT services in New York can fix the problem regarding computer repair immediately. If that’s the case, using remote access can reduce the expenses of the IT service provider. Therefore, technicians don’t need to be present physically as your issues can be completed faster.

Are you looking to hire a computer repair service in New York? If yes, then why don’t you choose managed IT service providers from CompCiti Business Inc. For more details, stay connected with us!