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8 Ways a Computer Repair Service in New York Can Help You

Businesses and other organizations rely upon their computer systems like never before. That’s why computer slowdowns, software crashes, network failures, backup failures, and other computer-related problems can have such a huge impact on your operations. CompCiti’s computer repair service in New York can help keep slowdowns and crashes to a minimum, create a better backup system, and secure your systems against common cyber threats. Here are eight ways CompCiti can help where the typical PC retailer cannot.

1. Complete Computer Support Package

PC retailers charge quite a premium for the honor of fixing their own products. Worse, they won’t be able to help you with anything besides their own computers – not very practical when your systems likely consist of many different name brands. CompCiti, on the other hand, is local computer repair service in New York that can maintain your complete IT infrastructure. We provide comprehensive computer support packages with options for desktop support, computer upgrade/repair, server support/maintenance, networking, and computer repair service for all your systems, no matter what brand. You’ll have better coverage of your IT systems at a lower cost. 

2. Local Location & Easy Access

PC retailers’ idea of computer repair service in New York is a crowded outlet where you drop off and pick up your computers. CompCiti’s idea of easy and convenient is providingonsite service anywhere in New York. After all, why not get the work done in your office instead of theirs? We can provide everything from repair, maintenance, and upgrades to complete computer replacement.

3. Quick Service

Despite their promises, dropping off your computers with a PC retailer is not exactly “quick.” You can go days, even weeks, without your computer while they go on serving other customers. With CompCiti, our only focus when we’re repairing your computers is you. In most cases, we can fix or upgrade your computer immediatelyonsite, anywhere in New York.

4. Personal Attention to Your Needs

Large PC retailers employee dozens of low-wage customer service representatives who don’t know much about your computer. They’ll take your computer and pass it along to the techs. To them, you’re just another customer – another order form to fill in.

CompCiti on the other hand sends professional technicians to your door to take care of your problem right now. You’ll get personalized – and personal – computer repair service that meets your needs.

computer repair service

5. One-Stop Buying

Large PC retailers who offer computer repair service in New York often offer their services through different departments – they may even send your computer away for repairs. CompCiti provides all computer repair services under one service call, so that no matter what you need – computer repair, maintenance, upgrade, or replacement – we can take care of all of it for you, without the hassles.

6. Handles Different Kinds of Computer Repairs

The thing about working with a PC retailer is that you’re working with many PC retailers – one for each brand of computer and IT/networking system equipment you own. A computer repair service in New York such as CompCiti can repair any make or model of computer. Not only that, we can help ensure your computers and IT systems are protected from cyber threats with complete cybersecurity packages that will lock down your computers from hackers, viruses, and other malicious attacks.

7. 24/7 Support Service

Large PC retailers have limited working hours, so if your computers break down anywhere outside of 9 to 5, you’re out of luck. CompCiti, on the other hand, is a computer repair service provider in New York that provides clients with 24/7 emergency service.

8. Knowledge about current Software and Hardware Trends

PC retailers know their systems and software – and they know how to sell them. But with all the new technology coming out, are they really the best choice today? You’ll never get a straight answer about that from a retailer. At CompCiti, we are licensed to sell many different products so we can recommend the best hardware and software for your business needs, regardless of brand.

8. No Long-Term Contracts

Many PC retailers lock you in for long-term maintenance of a year, sometimes more. CompCiti provides repair contracts on a monthly basis, so you can leave atanytime for any reason. (Though once you experience our high level of customer service, it’s unlikely you’ll want to…!)

The CompCiti Difference

CompCiti provides complete computer repair services in New York and the surrounding area as well as cybersecurity services, network installation and maintenance, managed IT services, and specialty services such as IT staffing and VoIP installation. Plus, we provide our clients with 24/7 emergency services – We’re Working When You Are. Call on (212) 594-4374 to find out how CompCiti can help with computer repair and all your IT needs.

IT Consultants

5 Considerations for Choosing The Right IT Consulting Service in New York

As the innovation and progress of information technology take place every day, many business owners in New York prefer to use it to their own advantage. Using the right IT consulting service in New York allows them improve their business performance by getting an efficient and organized setting for their operational activities. It involves qualifying IT consultants who can not only develop a plan, but also an IT system to maximize the benefits of business organizations in New York. 

The professional IT consultants in New York can deliver a wide range of services for New York based businesses, like analyzing their IT problems and employee requirements, and delivering fitting solutions. In fact, the information technology consultants can recommend and supply certain software systems and hardware products, and help with their project management. 

If you are looking for the right IT consulting service in New York for running your business smoothly, it may take some time, but once you find the best consultant or consulting agency you can convey the IT needs of your organization in a way that it can realize. With a large number of IT of vendors in NYC, finding one which has the technical skill and a personality compatible with your business can be tough. Below are given five of the most important considerations for choosing the best among IT consultants in New York to meet your specific IT requirements:

  1. Vast Knowledge and Great Experience

IT includes a wide range of technologies and settings. The most perfect IT consulting services are those that cover the different areas of IT while ensuring right guidance through expert consultants. IT consultants in New York with vast knowledge and great experience will take no time to understand your IT needs and offer quality solutions to deal with them. 

 2. Personality That Suits Your Business Culture

Besides technical qualifications, the IT consultants in New York need to have a personality that suits your business culture. They should cooperate with your employees, consider their ideas and advise them on any and every matter related to IT. If your business values integrity and timeliness, you need to find out the IT consultants who are honest and ready to meet a tight deadline. 

 3. Goal Oriented Practice

Any IT consultant, you are thinking to hire should be capable to achieve your organizational goal. He should not only be sound in technical matters but also practice his best to serve the best interests of your business. An effective way to check their ethics is to ask them queries on unexpected scenarios and judge their response carefully.

 4. Quick Learning & Adaptability

IT sector is continuously changing and growing and what is trending today can become obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, an essential thing to look for in the New York IT consultants is their quick learning and adaptability. The consultant should not only be open to change his/her present approach, but also quickly adapt to the latest technology. It will help him successfully implement, particularly when the outcomes are governed by latest technology standards and protocols

  1. Determined and Innovative

The best IT consulting service in New York comes only from the consultants who can go over and above what is needed of them. They keep upgraded on local IT scenario and anticipate how their actions taken today will impact your business tomorrow. Most reputed IT vendors in NYC will be qualified and experienced, but getting one who is innovative and determined to achieve what is needed can be very difficult. 

To keep up with changing IT industry and IT operational needs of your own business in New York, you need to choose from IT consultants in New York with great care.  Consider calling the reliable ITconsultants in New York – CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. at 212.594.4374 Which can qualify to knowledge, experience and other important qualities as discussed above. For more details, stay social with us:


Computer Upgrade Service for Optimal Performance of Your PC in New York

Information technology is no more at its infant stage. It has undergone continuous renewal and evolution to serve people in an a better way. For computer systems, there are new options and devices to boost their performance, fasten their speed and minimize the occurrence of network failures. Whatever may be the purpose is, computer upgrade service in New York is necessary for enhancing the experience of PC users throughout New York. 

Both personal and business computers can be tuned up on a regular basis using computer upgrade service in New York which is available 24/7 hours. It includes a wide range of upgrade services to decrease the downtime of users, maintain all of their computer components and keep their network up. 

Hardware components and accessories are often required to adjust to the demands and desires of the PC users in New York. For top quality performance, there are certain computer upgrades need to be done in order to make sure that the system is able to process large volume of data without getting slow or crashed. Home as well as business users in New York can benefit from different computer upgrade services like extended Hard disk space and RAM, adding or upgrading current memory and improving the video card and sound to switch to high-resolution programs, graphics and videos. Improved devices, memory and CPU features can make every New York computer to get ready for any complicated photo renovation or video editing project. All these upgrades can be performed to make the system perfect for tasks like programming, advanced email functionalities and high end gaming and entertainment experience. Other kinds of hardware enhancements might include the incorporation of HD ready sets, DVD players, and other optical devices like light pens to manage more powerful designing project.

For software upgrades, there is the option to improve the present computer applications, operating system and software security tools in computer upgrade service in New York. All these upgrades are meant to maximize the performance of every user’s computer in this area.

Computer upgrade service in New York varies in the offering and price, allowing the user to personalize their desktop or laptop with their individual needs and enjoy an enhanced experience. It is therefore required for the users to go deep into different aspects of computer upgrades and decide which one can really enhance the power and speed of their computer systems in New York. Many professional experts are available to guide users on the computer upgrade service in New York. Even though one upgrade is in trend or getting done by everyone does not mean that it will be an effective choice for the user too. Hence, the right technical support should be ensured through a tailor made package after the free evaluation of all the specific needs for upgrading the system. It would be better if the user can ask for the help of a computer maintenance and service specialist in New York. CompCiti is ready to deliver an inclusive package for server support, server maintenance, desktop support, networking maintenance, computer upgrade, computer repair and more. To enjoy reliable, functional and optimal performance of your computer, consider using computer upgrade services in New York of CompCiti. For more details, stay social with us:

IT Service

Five Reasons You should Consider IT Consulting Service in New York

Your organization’s IT infrastructure including software applications and network should work well in order to keep you ahead of competition in the New York market. When your IT system is secure, functions properly and is upgraded regularly, you can meet your present business goal and the growing demands as well. So, you need an IT consulting service in New York to maintain your IT infrastructure more effectively and save you time, money and hassle. 

There are many professional companies dedicated to networking, managed IT service solution and IT consulting in New York that would allow you to better predict and have perfect control over the IT environment. With qualified and experienced IT consultants, these companies will not only study your business needs and workflow, but also design unique IT solutions fitting your business style and operation demands. As a result, you get  delivered with managed IT services within the quickest possible time and at fair prices by specialized IT consultants in New York. It ultimately leads to predictability and lower operating costs. You need to count on following five points before looking for a reasonable solution for IT support in New York.

IT SERVICESMore Savings:- When you choose an IT consulting service in New York in place of an in-house IT department, you are likely to save on the employee salary, taxes, benefits and IT resources you might have otherwise invited. You also realize savings on server and/or network downtime, which can be avoided or handled much faster by an expert team of IT consultants focused on to give you the best experience. Again, there will be a flexible payment option of paying per hour or per project to the IT consulting service provider, helping you keep control on your IT consulting  and management charges.

  1. 24/7 hours Access to Service – In this online age, your IT technology and applications may face cyber attacks or security breach at any time, which means you should have someone always available to advise and help you in case an emergency strikes. An IT consulting service in New York can be accessed 24/7 hours to handle unexpected situations like network failures and other IT related issues. The IT consultancy companies will continuously monitor your IT environment and prevent breakdowns before they can actually affect your business time or profitability.
  2. Efficient and Timely Management of Big Volume of Data – No matter how big is the volume of your business data, you can efficiently and timely manage it with the help of IT consulting services and solutions. By properly creating partitions, storing and linking your business data, IT consultant service providers in New York are able to save you from facing any inconsistency in your business data.
  3. Right tools and Quick Deployment – IT consulting service in New York comes with the tools that suit your individual business needs and are immediately functional with use. Adhering to proven managed IT methods, models and templates fitting your own business IT requirements and making suitable communication plans New York IT consultants leave less room for delay or error in your IT management process. Finally, it makes way for quicker and, more effective deployment.
  4. Huge Experience and Knowledge – When you hire an IT consultancy service you are not just hiring one person, you are hiring an entire company with a collective knowledge greater than one in-house employee or IT team. A reliable IT consultancy will have experienced IT consultants who have collective experience of implementing solutions for different size and types of business organizations. It will offer IT consulting service in New York with an extensive network of peers and industry partners. This combined knowledge will make sure your business always gets equipped with the most efficient and recent technology on the New York market and keeps updated on threats and trends faced in the global IT industry. Rather than keeping behind your competitors you will always be ahead of them. It will continue as long as you use the right IT consulting service in New York.

To enjoy running your business with lower operating costs and better predictability of a series of IT environment variables, consider using IT consulting service in New York of CompCiti today! For more details, stay social with us:

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Three Things to Consider When Looking for Good IT Consulting Services in New York

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Today, technology is the backbone of any business – but it can all be gone in a New York minute. To be effective, your IT infrastructure including your networks, computer systems, and cloud services must be secure, functional, and adaptable. There are many IT consulting services in New York City who claim they can provide optimal performance of your network and IT systems. But how can you know for sure?

It is important to find an IT consultant for networking and managed service solutions that has a proven record of IT knowledge and expertise, as well as strong customer service. This last point isn’t just about reliability (though that’s important too). It is crucial that your IT consultant focuses on your business, not theirs. They should start by studying your business needs and workflows and design unique, specific solutions.

Then there are the preventative measures that can give you predictability, control, and peace of mind. Managed services such as network monitoring can provide rapid response by a dedicated IT consultant to handle system disruptions at a fixed cost. Regular maintenance and disaster recovery plans will also help you avoid costly network breakdowns.

Some companies believe they can manage their IT services themselves. That can be a recipe for disaster. Below are three reasons why you should opt for IT consulting services, and keep your competitive edge.


IT Services: Three Reasons to Opt for IT Consulting Services

EXPERTISE:  An IT consultant or team has the years of knowledge and expertise it takes to properly manage your IT systems. A good IT consultant service will be able to assess your current IT systems and make suggestions for improvements based on industry trends, new products, and the latest innovations – improvements that make sense for your business, not their bottom lines. Look for a company that has certifications from leading IT companies such as Microsoft, HP, and Cisco, which provide training and skills upgrades to ensure they are at the top of their game. (On a related note, check out their BBB score as well – there is no reason why an IT consultant in New York should not have one…)

DEDICATED SERVICE: System security is a prime concern for any business, and the need for systems monitoring has never been more important. IT networks and applications face constant threats from viruses, cyber-attacks, and security breaches.

A good IT consultant can help your business avoid disruptions and hassles through managed IT services that deliver 24/7 monitoring to avoid breakdowns and that provide rapid response when needed. They’ll also be able to create data backup and recovery plans, and be more likely to save your data in the event of a system failure or breach.

REDUCED EXPENSE: Think paying for an IT consultant is a drain on your bottom line? Consider the costs of losing all your company data or extended downtime! IT consultant services are just that – a service designed to save you money in the long run. Managed IT services, systems monitoring, data backup, server maintenance, and computer upgrades all make your business more efficient and protect you should the worst happens. Not only does this reduce costs in the long run, negotiating an ongoing IT service contract helps you control costs better and reduces billing surprises.

CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. has been recognized for 20 years of excellence in IT consulting in New York. CompCiti is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner and has certifications from many IT and networking leaders including APC, IBM, Cisco, and HP. Find out more about CompCiti (, and how we can help you maintain your IT systems.


Why Regular Computer Repair & Maintenance is Important in New York?

Computer is an electronic device, which is competent in receiving information in a specific form and performs a sequence of tasks as per a given program. We can say that a computer is a collection of more than thousands parts, from which some main parts are like Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers.

Let us discuss about various sectors in New York that depend on a revolutionary computer device:

Banking sector:

In banking field of New York, the role of computers are essential for maintaining online transactions and information (in form of records), which is done in a quick and easy manner.

Medical sector:

Use of computers in medical sector makes it easy in maintaining the figure or record about patients’ treatment history without wasting time. In some cases, few treatments are operated by using the computers such as: Magneti Resonance Imaging, Computerized Axial Tomography, Functional MRI and Magnetoencephalography.

Business sector:

In business sector of New York computers allows several types of applications, which helps in keeping a track of daily work report, document and schedules. In most cases computers are used by business persons for making contacts with the clients.

One should always remember that being a complex electrical device – computers require a professional repair and maintenance, which will keep the device in a top running condition.

What a regular computer repair & maintenance service will offer?

Antivirus Scans:

With professional computer repair and maintenance service, you will get an effective anti-virus scan. Remember that even if your computer have preinstalled antivirus program, it requires a full scan to be done for ensuring the device achieves a peak performance.

Cleaning Up:

Computer systems are always on a run, which produces considerable amount of heat; this requires a proper cooling or else it can shorten the lifespan and degrade the performance of PCs components. Over the time it is seen that dust and airborne particles buildup inside your computer, which causes a trouble in cooling the system. This requires a proper clean-up by a computer repair professional in New York, which will ensure a well maintained computer device.

Software Updates:

Regular software updates will help in eliminating potential security vulnerabilities as well as will provide various error fixing. Your computer will run faster and perform efficiently with software updates.

Manage Drives:

When a computer hard drive is cluttered with program then it will reduce the performance of the device. This requires in cleaning out the unwanted programs & files, which can be done perfectly by computer repair professionals in New York, which will help the computer to stay in a high performance state.

If you want to achieve a high performing computer device then get today an effective computer repair service in New York by CompCiti Business Solutions Inc. Contact today at (212) 594-4374.


Top Reasons for Seeking Managed Services for IT Operation in New York

It is not just large corporate but many small businesses in New York depend on IT technology to function effectively and efficiently. In these business organizations, IT resources are found to be limited and can easily get down anytime.  If the business owners fail to keep up them properly with different options like backups, security and patches, then there is a great possibility for an IT failure or other technological issues that would severely affect their business performance.

As a solution, managed services in New York can be taken up. It would enable businesses to handle their IT operations through hard core professionals. These professionals are trained and part of a managed services provider to share the responsibility of 24-hour observation, managing and resolution for the IT related problems faced within every New York based business organization.

In several cases, using managed services in New York turns out to be less expensive for businesses than employing, training, and maintaining their own IT team.  For all the small companies who can’t afford to have an IT staff, there would always be a technical person available to check and handle all IT related functions.  With managed IT services their internal staff can focus on their core business, instead of wasting time in IT performance issues, which is favorable for their bottom line.

The Managed services in New York are not like conventional Break-fix service which fixes technical problems as they turn up. It indicates that nothing will have to go wrong in local businesses before they start enjoying a managed IT service, leading to an enhanced IT performance when none will have to wait for getting the problem fixed.

A managed service includes a practical approach to manage IT infrastructure in every organization in a timely manner, minimizing the chance to respond to technical issues within the organization.  It not only identifies issues but also corrects them much before they turn out to be big problems.  Another significant reason for New York based businesses to use this service is to allow their employees to be more productive, while saving their money and time.

These days, no business in New York would like the uncertainty and risk of depending on a “Break-fix” agreement, because it needs an unfailing IT set up to operate smoothly. Moreover, having different suppliers for implementing different parts of their technology puts them in a tricky situation when they need to decide who to be called especially when anything goes wrong or gives problem. They don’t have enough time for carrying out this.

Another great reason for seeking Managed services in New York is discovering and resolving IT problems much before they would start affecting their businesses.

A well managed, thoroughly serviced computer network can help businesses run better than their competitors. With regular monitoring of network, desktop cleaning and patch management, businesses can experience a great difference in their IT operations and can again reap the advantages of preventing network slow down and other technical problems, rather than struggling with them.

Again, the companies with an existing IT team can also get benefited with managed services in New York. It will release their in-house IT staff from the burden of daily operation activities and network management tasks. As a result their IT staff will get more time to review their internal needs. And the necessity to make a large investment in IT management tools does not arise as the managed services in New York providers have already them in place.

Top Reasons for Seeking Managed Services in New York:

  • Improved operational ability
  • Decreased IT operating expenses
  • Cost-efficient access to IT support and service
  • Reduced downtime
  • More focus on the business operational activities in stead of the technology
  • Greater Peace of mind due to continuous monitoring of network

What is more interesting aspect about an IT managed services in New York is it serves preventive maintenance rather than protective breakage. Since managed service IT providers perform multiple tasks, like alerting in case of a backup failure, removing patches, monitoring network systems and regularly optimizing the IT environment, businesses can have preventative maintenance to keep away from hardware breakdown, database error, memory crash, or virus attacks. So, consider Managed services in New York of CompCiti Business Solutions Inc. to avoid the possibility of a catastrophic failure and enjoy a more positive position, by limiting the time of data loss and repair.