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Top 4 Reasons Your Company Must Use Expert Cyber security Services?

Do you have in-house expertise to  identify and counter cyber securitythreats? With increasing risk of cyber-attacks,you need expert cyber security services in New York to protect your business against the next cyberattack. With the appropriate combination of cyber security services & information security technology, operate your ITwithout interruptions in a world where everything is increasingly linked together.

In this post, we have listed top 4 reasons you should take into account while employing expert cyber security services in New York to maximize network security for your company.

Security evaluation & planning:

An increasing threat volume requires your company to constantly appraise & scrutinize new risks, threats and vulnerabilities that make you the next prey to a cyber attack.

Security evaluations make sure that you stay alert and proactive in terms of accessing a potential threat. Security consultants are skillful at constructing security road maps customized to your needs. Every security solution projected will have a recommended plan & will be matched with the tactical objectives of your company. The road map will be developed carefully to synchronize your present IT environment and your budget.

An extension of your in-house security team:

Your in-house IT department may not have the required skills and knowledge to access an incoming threat. Attackers are getting more sophisticated with their means of attack. It is becoming a norm to hear about a new form of attack almost every month. A cyber security expert is equipped with all the right tools and skills to keep them up-to-date with the threats and vulnerabilities. They work with your IT department or personnel and act as an extension to form a protective shield to proactively guard your business from a looming attack. 

Make the most of your security investments:

Numerous SMBs still consider cyber security cost as an expense rather than an investment. Imagine getting attacked by a Ransomware where you’d be held hostage to release your data in return of a ransom amount. Businesses end-up shelving thousands of dollars without the guarantee of retrieval of their data. On the other hand, spending on cyber security should be considered an investment to protect your data.

For comprehensive cyber security service in New York you can count on CompCiti Business Solutions. Our Cyber Security Experts are certified and skillful to safeguard your business from common cyber attacks like phishing to the most sophisticated threats like Ransomware.Call us at (212) 594-4374 to find out more about our Cyber Security Management Services. Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin social networks!

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Why Do Businesses in New York Need a Professional Cybersecurity Service?

Viruses. Hackers. Data theft. Ransomware. These are just a few of the growing list of cyber threats facing small and medium businesses (SMBs) today. It’s also why so many companies are looking for a professional cybersecurity service in New York. Here are a few reasons why hiring a reliable cyber security service makes good business sense.

1. Keep Your Business Reputation Intact

Reputation is everything in business. Yahoo is continuing to pay the price for two data breaches in 2013 and 2014 that resulted in stolen personal data of over 1 billion customers. In fact CEO Marissa Mayer took a personal hit recently, losing her annual bonus and equity grant due to the fiasco. Perhaps most telling, Yahoo lowered the price of its digital assets by $350 million in its sale to Verizon.

SMBs are at equal risk, albeit at a smaller scale. The good news is that cybersecurity costs are lower too. Protecting client data and information from cyber threats will help you protect your reputation – and your long-term success.

2. Avoid Financial Burden

Cyber threats of all kinds can lead to real money loss right now, too. For example, cybersecurity services in New York have reported a rise in ransomware attacks, a specific cyber threat that locks down a company’s data until a ransom is paid. Since there is no honor among thieves, many end up paying the ransom AND paying an IT company to try to recover at least some of their data. Lost sales, disrupted networks, hackers that vandalize data, and direct theft of financial assets are just some of the other ways companies can lose real money.

3. Be Prepared Always

SMBs in New York are a favourite target of data hackers and cyber criminals specifically because they are smaller. Large companies might be the jackpot, but the low-hanging fruit of SMBs presents much less risk and effort. They are less likely to have secure systems, circulating huge amounts of valuable data through unprotected business networks. Cybersecurity services in New York can help ensure you are well protected and present less of a target.

CompCiti Business Solutions Cybersecurity Services in New York

CompCiti Business Solutions is one of the oldest and most respected cyber security services in New York. Founded in 1996, CompCiti provides a wide range of other services as well including managed IT services, system maintenance, network monitoring, data backup and disaster recovery, VoIP installation, and more. We’ll help you protect your data in a number of ways including assessing your current cyber security measures, upgrading software and hardware as necessary, and providing 24/7 monitoring of your network and systems for any suspicious activity. Should you be the target of a cyber threat, we can help minimise – or eliminate and sometimes reverse – any damage, and get you back up and running faster.

Find out more about CompCiti’s cyber security services. In New York, call (212) 594-4374 for more information or to book your consultation and assessment.

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Three Things to Consider When Looking for Good IT Consulting Services in New York

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Today, technology is the backbone of any business – but it can all be gone in a New York minute. To be effective, your IT infrastructure including your networks, computer systems, and cloud services must be secure, functional, and adaptable. There are many IT consulting services in New York City who claim they can provide optimal performance of your network and IT systems. But how can you know for sure?

It is important to find an IT consultant for networking and managed service solutions that has a proven record of IT knowledge and expertise, as well as strong customer service. This last point isn’t just about reliability (though that’s important too). It is crucial that your IT consultant focuses on your business, not theirs. They should start by studying your business needs and workflows and design unique, specific solutions.

Then there are the preventative measures that can give you predictability, control, and peace of mind. Managed services such as network monitoring can provide rapid response by a dedicated IT consultant to handle system disruptions at a fixed cost. Regular maintenance and disaster recovery plans will also help you avoid costly network breakdowns.

Some companies believe they can manage their IT services themselves. That can be a recipe for disaster. Below are three reasons why you should opt for IT consulting services, and keep your competitive edge.


IT Services: Three Reasons to Opt for IT Consulting Services

EXPERTISE:  An IT consultant or team has the years of knowledge and expertise it takes to properly manage your IT systems. A good IT consultant service will be able to assess your current IT systems and make suggestions for improvements based on industry trends, new products, and the latest innovations – improvements that make sense for your business, not their bottom lines. Look for a company that has certifications from leading IT companies such as Microsoft, HP, and Cisco, which provide training and skills upgrades to ensure they are at the top of their game. (On a related note, check out their BBB score as well – there is no reason why an IT consultant in New York should not have one…)

DEDICATED SERVICE: System security is a prime concern for any business, and the need for systems monitoring has never been more important. IT networks and applications face constant threats from viruses, cyber-attacks, and security breaches.

A good IT consultant can help your business avoid disruptions and hassles through managed IT services that deliver 24/7 monitoring to avoid breakdowns and that provide rapid response when needed. They’ll also be able to create data backup and recovery plans, and be more likely to save your data in the event of a system failure or breach.

REDUCED EXPENSE: Think paying for an IT consultant is a drain on your bottom line? Consider the costs of losing all your company data or extended downtime! IT consultant services are just that – a service designed to save you money in the long run. Managed IT services, systems monitoring, data backup, server maintenance, and computer upgrades all make your business more efficient and protect you should the worst happens. Not only does this reduce costs in the long run, negotiating an ongoing IT service contract helps you control costs better and reduces billing surprises.

CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. has been recognized for 20 years of excellence in IT consulting in New York. CompCiti is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner and has certifications from many IT and networking leaders including APC, IBM, Cisco, and HP. Find out more about CompCiti (, and how we can help you maintain your IT systems.

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What a Capable Cyber Security Advisor Can Do For Your Business

The safety of global information system is regularly a controversial subject in China and U.S relations. Since 2012, a flow of reports from the U.S. govt, security organization, and global media quoted China as a premier source in the hacking of U.S. Military & business secrets. These accusations have been frequently declined by the Chinese Govt, which opposes with its own information and demonstrates plenty of cyberattacks toChina from parties operating from U.S. and other western nations. In May 2014, U.S. prosecutors accused five Chinese military executives for cyber theft.

Under the present environment, technology organizations in China and the U.S. are under mistrust because of nation of origin and business partnerships. The United States and China should discover a way to address problems of cyber security programmatically with a well designed procedure to recognize general problems, and where feasible, look for mutually favorable solutions.

Cyber Attack Can Happen Anytime? Are You Ready For It?

As many organizations have discovered, sometimes the tough way, cyber attacks are no longer an affair of if, but when. With technologies advancing at a rapid pace, cyber security dangers augment both in terms of number & complexity. The transformation of all things digital – mobile, cloud, big data and social – has created a big challenge for the cyber security experts.

securityMany of modern-day cyber criminals have their visions set on money. And they fundamentally take 3 approaches to accomplish their objective. They do surveillance operations to methodically acquire valuable info from organizations, they steal clients and credit-card information, and they blackmail organizations by intimidating to upset their business operations.

Do Your Business Require A Cyber Security Advisor?

A cyber advisory can be a massive advantage in resolving the issue by serving as highly focused acumen service “ inside a box” that businesses can employ swiftly to get rebooted and to employ as the base of their incessant monitoring of their dangers to cyber risk in the near future. However, organizations should look for advisory solutions that supply the following as a mixture of human expertise & tools:

  • Cyber risk profiling – The first and foremost step for a capable cyber security advisor should be to collect information regarding what makes your organization a risk. From information about your organization’s industry & its subsidiaries, your email & web domains, client data being stored or broadcasted, clients demographic to what is on your IT guidelines and what technologies support your client’s web & mobile applications and more, a productive advisor knows you both inside and outside to facilitate highly-customized threat detection that more than just a crushing stream of “maybes” or “possible”.
  • Threat data collection – To match your risk possibilities to new and active cyber threats that may have an effect on your business, a capable advisory solution should come with access to constant and complete data on cyber threats that can be made appropriate to you.
  • In-depth analysis – Having cyber information is one thing. You all have information. Too much in fact, in the form of loud alerts & indicators, log files, application results and much more. Everything generates data. The secret to a productive advisory is one that possess adequate subject matter proficiency that can also employ realistic intelligence and scrutiny methodologies that truly guide to real, fruitful defense actions.
  • Incessant risk monitoring – In todays business world, threats can come fast & furious. A helpful advisory will understand that organization profiling, data collection, examination, alerting and reporting is something that requires continuous risk monitoring.

If you are a resident of NYC and looking for proficient Cyber security consultant in New York, then get in touch with CompCiti for an immediate appointment.

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