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Slow Computers? Don’t Replace! Find a Computer Repair Service in New York for a Tune-Up

When your computer slows down, that means it’s time to replace, right? Not necessarily. After all, you don’t replace your car every time there’s a problem. Sometimes all you need is a good tune-up.

That’s where a professional computer repair service in New York can help. They can troubleshoot your computers and quickly identify the problem. Breakdowns, slow downs, glitches – local companies and organizations are better off finding a computer repair service in New York to help them get their computers running like new again at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

What’s the Problem?

Most computer-related problems fall under two categories: software problems and hardware problems. Although there are many different possibilities, the good news is that most are common problems that every computer repair service in New York has seen more than once. Here is a breakdown of each category, and what can be done to help:

Software Replacement & Virus Scanning/Cleaning

Computers tend to slow down over time just from normal usage. This is for many reasons including outdated operating systems, unused software, and disorganized hard drives. Virus and malware attacks can also affect the speed of your computer, running in the background and taking up valuable resources. A professional computer repair service can quickly resolve these issues by updating the software you use, removing the software you don’t, scanning your system for viruses, streamlining your computer data, and ensuring your data is being backed up properly.

Hardware Upgrades and Repairs Service

Computers are like any other appliance – they can wear out over time. Dust and damage are common culprits. A scratched or run-down hard drive for example can dramatically reduce your computer’s performance. This can easily be replaced and even upgraded for faster performance. Sometimes though all you need is a good cleaning in a non-static environment to prevent slowdowns due to overheating.

Upgrading your RAM – your computer memory – is another good way to improve system performance. In some cases you can also upgrade your CPU, the heart of your computer, for tremendous results. Most computer repair services in New York are quite capable of making these upgrades so your computer is as good as new without the cost of buying new.

CompCiti is Your Best Choice for Computer Repair Services in New York

Not all computer repair services in New York are alike. Some specialize in residential repairs only, while others will “get to it” when they can with no firm timeline or plan in place.

CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. is different. We specialize in business computing and can upgrade and repair multiple computers in your organization at a time. Need a massive upgrade or special software installation? Not a problem for CompCiti. We’ll provide you with a plan and a timeline to minimize disruption. We’ll even help you onsite if necessary, and we offer 24/7 emergency computer repair service in New York. Find out more at or call us directly at (212) 594-4374. For more details, stay social with us:


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5 Habits of IT Consultants in New York That Will Make YOUR Business Successful

What is the “worth” of IT consultants to New York businesses?

That’s a question that varies from business to business, but it is directly related to the worth of your organization. Almost all companies today are reliant on their IT systems to some extent, from ecommerce and databases to inventory control and financials to communications including email and VoIP phone systems. When your systems go down, your company stops working. IT consultants help keep systems running, monitor them for problems, and help companies solve IT problems that arise.

In other words, the more reliant you are on your IT systems, the more you need a good IT vendor to keep them up and running.

But not all IT consultants in New York are created equally, and that’s something that companies should be aware of. It’s difficult to know who the better ones are. But here are five habits of successful professional IT consultants in New York. If the vendors you’re evaluating aren’t doing these five things, it should be a red flag at the very least.

1. Using the latest technology

Really, it’s a basic thing. IT consultants should keep up with the newest trends in technology – especially those IT consultants in New York where the competition is so high. The latest IT solutions tend to provide the best performance and be the most cost-effective solutions in the long run. If they aren’t keeping up to date with trends, can you trust them to keep on top of your systems?

2. Providing advice on new strategies and techniques

IT consultants shouldn’t just be there to monitor and maintain your systems; they should also be proactively suggesting new strategies and techniques. As mentioned above, technology changes all the time. Who’s going to tell you about those changes if it’s not your own IT vendor?

3. Getting a thorough understanding of the company to minimize IT risk

Too many IT consultants in New York offer out-of-the-box solutions, either because they are working in a limited niche or because they have exclusive vendor agreements. The better IT consultants will fully evaluate your business and your current IT systems, and offer you hardware and software solutions that will be best for your company, not best for their own bottom line.

4. Working to be a dynamic partner

Part of meeting your needs is being dynamic and proactive. You want your IT consultant to be more of a partner than a hired hand, working with you to get the best results and looking down the road to see what new technology will be able to benefit you. Aside from being able to suggest strategies and techniques as discussed above, they will also be the ones who can plan and manage the bigger projects such as upgrades and expansions.
5. Communicating properly and more often

In this day and age of instant communication, there is no excuse for an IT consultant that goes AWOL. They should be presenting you with detailed status reports to show what they’ve been doing, as well as plans for the coming weeks and months. The more organized and efficient they are, the more likely they are to communicate with you regularly and effectively. That in turn is not just a good thing for your company, it’s also a great sign that you’re in good hands.

Find out what a good IT consultant in New York looks like! Since 1996, CompCiti Business Solutions has earned a reputation for cutting-edge technology, excellent customer service, and creative IT solutions. Contact CompCiti at (212) 594-4374 or 

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