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3 Ultimate Benefits of Using Dedicated IT Consultants in New York

For businesses with fewer than a hundred employees, it’s not cost effective to maintain your own dedicated IT team in-house – especially businesses in New York where rents are so high. Sure, companies that size might have someone “in charge” of IT including setting up staff computers, monitoring network status, etc. However, with the changes in technology today, these people can become quickly overwhelmed with security issues, server maintenance, installing cloud services, maintaining VoIP systems, and all the other IT technology hardware and software needed to run today’s modern business. They likely don’t have the resources, manpower, and perhaps even the expertise to handle day-to-day operations, never mind implement new or innovative solutions.

It makes sense then to hire independent, dedicated IT consultants or an IT consulting service provider to manage those systems for you. Many of these IT firms specialize in IT consulting, networking (WAN, LAN, VPN), and managed services including managed security and compliance, and disaster recovery and backup solutions. These IT professionals can ensure your organization’s computer and network systems are working at peak efficiency, reducing the risk of network/system failure that can have a major impact on your data – and your operations.

That’s why it’s important to hire a dedicated IT consultant before an emergency occurs. Some businesses make the mistake of bringing in professionals only for emergency situations. Of course, you’ll need help should you lose data due to power failure or a security issue, or if your network or computer systems break down. But the beauty of hiring a dedicated IT consultant ahead of time is that they can maintain your systems so that you can avoid many of these situations before they happen.

Below are three ways a New York-based IT consultant can help improve business efficiency.

 1. Reduced hassle in IT Management

IT management is more complex than every before. Twenty years ago, all you had to worry about was a network and some computers. But today there are many different WiFi options, security issues, database setups, servers, VoIP systems, cloud services, and a lot of other IT infrastructure.

A dedicated IT consultant (the reputable ones, anyway) are always up to date on the latest technology trends and security threats. Not only are they specially trained to take care of your systems, it frees up your other employees to their core expertise so that your office manager or “that guy who seems to know something about computers” isn’t left the responsibility of serving as your DIY IT expert.

 2. Enhanced Productivity (Hiring a New York-Based IT Consultant is Best)

If you own a business in professional services such as financial, legal, business consulting, etc., you and your employees are likely to spend most of the time at individual systems. Sometimes these systems play nicely together, and sometimes they don’t. Delays due to the quirks of your IT systems – or worse, quirks that lead to major problems – can seriously hamper your productivity. A dedicated IT consultant service can be in your office working for you to monitor your systems and recommend upgrades for even better productivity.

Hiring a New York-based IT consultant generally leads to better service – as they say, location is everything. Plus, if there ever is a problem, you can call them in quickly. (And it’s always better to get your emergency service from a company that already knows your systems…)

3. Competitive Advantage

With increased productivity comes a competitive advantage over other businesses and organizations in your niche. A dedictated IT consultant can ensure that you have the technology that makes the most sense for your business. As your business grows or changes, your IT consultant can help your systems adapt to your new business realities. And, when a new innovation comes along that will benefit your business – say, a new VoIP phone system to dramatically reduce your phone bill and increase your CRM productivity – they can explain the benefits. After all, the faster you can adjust to changes in technology and start taking advantage of it, the more competitive you’ll be.

CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. – dedicated IT consultants who provice your business with enhanced productivity, competitive advantage, and better peace of mind.

Trust your IT systems to the professionals at CompCiti. Based in Manhattan with clients throughout New York City, CompCiti reacts quickly to any situation and provides 24/7 emergency services. CompCiti has over two decades of experience so you have the best combination of knowledge, expertise, and location to meet your business IT needs.

If you’re in New York or in the tri-state area, call CompCiti today at (212) 594-4374 to find out how our trained and dedicated IT consultants can help you keep up with your IT systems and avoid disaster.


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