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BEWARE of Cyber Security Threats

While technological developments have offered us vast areas of new opportunities and many potential sources of efficiency for organizations from small to big, these new technologies have also brought uncountable and unpredicted threats with them. Basically, cyber security defined as the protection of networks, systems and data in cyberspace, which is a very critical issue for all business. It will become more important as more of your devices connected to the internet. In this blog section of Compciti Business Solutions Inc.; we will discuss some of these cyber security threats. We are a New York based cyber security service and IT solution provider. In our several years of cyber security service providing, we deal with hundred thousands of cyber security matters and well beware to it.



It is a small software program that can replicate itself and spread one computer to another ay attaching itself computer files. It used to gain access, corrupt and modify files and information from a targeted computer system.


Worms are also a self-replicating software program and don’t need another program to attach themselves. They continuously look for vulnerabilities of system users and reports back to its author when weaknesses are founded. Worms damage network systems and deliver payloads and allow control of the infected computer to its author.


Spyware/Adware is installed on computer system by clicking links, opening attachments or downloading infected software. Author of a spyware can take control of your computer system and collect your personal information without your knowledge.


Trojans are specially used by cyber criminals to vulnerabilities on your computer, which allow them to stole and damage your information. This is a piece of software program appears to perform one program, but acts as something else for your system.

vpnCyber criminals operate their bad intentions remotely through these malwares, which is a prime threat for cyber network, computer system and valuable data. The more cyber security precautions you will use, the more these malwares will stay away from your computer and network system. For this reason, cyber security service is a very necessary security solution that you must choose for your business.

Need cyber security solutions? We can help. Compciti Business Solutions Inc. provides different cyber security solutions for both residential and commercial purpose. We have proficient cyber security experts to help you. Just dial (212) 594-4374 and tell our support all your needs; and we will be with you for your help.


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