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A Complete Guide to 23 NYCRR Part 500 Compliance Assessment Requirements

NYCRR Compliance Assessment for User Data Protection

The main objective of the 23 NYCRR Part 500 regulation compliance is to implement best practices within the NY’s Financial Services industry that would minimize the growing threat of cyber crimes. It includes necessary standards for access control, security breach remediation and the basic requirements for strengthening the cybersecurity measures. With an early consultation for NYCRR compliance assessment, businesses can help meet compliance requirements while earning the ability to implement a more durable and efficient cyber security program.

23 NYCRR 500 Compliance Requirements

23 NYCRR compliance assessment is better when left with the experts. The regulation guidelines are required to be followed diligently to ensure full compliance. There are expert consultants to evaluate your compliance readiness through the following steps ensuring that your organization achieves the compliance requirements:

  • Adopting a complete cybersecurity program.
  • Implementing and maintaining a written cybersecurity policy.
  • Conducting an audit to find out the present level of regulatory compliance.
  • Suggesting remediation for security vulnerabilities identified on your information systems.
  • Advising your organization on certain steps that are required to attain 23 NYCRR compliance.
  • Implementing multi-factor authentication for safe internal data access.
  • Set up the security infrastructure to automatically encrypt nonpublic information.
  • Implementing policies and procedures to safeguard nonpublic information managed by 3rd party service providers.
  • Cybersecurity education and training for your staff.
  • Protecting your principal security infrastructure, considering inclusion of VPN access, firewalls, anti-phishing, and useful tools to guard against malicious attacks.
  • Cybersecurity breach monitoring and reporting.

All businesses regulated by the DFS are required to be 23 NYCRR Part 500 compliance whether you are a private banker, a state-chartered bank, a mortgage broker, or an insurance company. Most of these financial institutions face familiar challenges and threats when it comes to having a cybersecurity program in place or staying compliant with regulations. The best measure to get compliant is by getting a better understanding of the regulation, implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity plan in place and hiring a Chief Information Security Office (CISO) to overlook the security program. It might be an uphill task to comply with the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation.

CompCiti is a cybersecurity and compliance expert helping businesses stay compliant with 23 NYCRR Part 500. To book a free consultation on NYCRR and get a compliance assessment, contact CompCiti at (212) 594-4374!

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11 Features That Make Managed Services in New York a Must Have IT Service for SMBs

No matter if you are a large or small company in New York, you always need to embrace the latest technology to function efficiently. Having a reliable IT managed services partner in the city allows you to focus on core business activities and to contract out 24/7-hour monitoring, maintenance and protection of your IT infrastructure. IT Managed services in New York differ in scope and contains a wide variety of options such as network security management, email setup, systems monitoring, virus protection, data backup (DRBC) and recovery.

Your NY business’ overall performance depends on several factors. In today’s time, IT maintenance along with new installations and upgrades is the most important one of them. So, how to find out the loopholes and inefficiencies in your IT infrastructure setup? How security breaches, downtime, and other IT issues are going to affect your business? How severe might be the consequences after failing in areas like backup and recovery? Won’t it be better to try IT managed services in New York and offloading your burden to expert consultants?

Managed services in New York serve as a single point of service, lowering IT maintenance costs and maximizing productivity. They cover monitoring, managing and fixing IT system and help local businesses to get on track fast. From security protection and virus updates to server management and backup maintenance, every option comes included in a single package that can be custom planned to your needs. Typically, managed services in New York have low pricing offers for monthly subscribers. It allows your business to choose for the services you require and get emergency support to resolve the issues faster. A managed service is more like an extension of your in-house IT department but without the stress of running the same.

Here are 11 features of managed services in New York that make it a must try option for your business IT needs:

  1. Reduced risk of downtime and cyber attack

2. Proactive approach to prevent and resolve IT issues

3. Customized packages and fixed spending

4. The luxury of getting access to expert skill and insight to beat competition

5. Compliance with the latest security standards

6. Lower IT operating costs and increased efficiency

7. Better networking and customer service

8.  Hassle free management of hardware and software vendors

9. Quick implementation of new technology

10. Prompt response to IT needs

11. Keep focused on business activities without dealing with complicated IT situations

All the above features along with a few others, will help your business run at its optimal efficiency by making the most of managed IT services in New York City.  Irrespective of the industry, size, or nature of work, considering the comprehensive management of your IT system is very crucial for your business.. The objective of professional managed services in New York is to help your business run successfully without any downtime. That’s what CompCiti can help with. CompCiti assists SMBs with smooth IT operations and a reasonable budget.

Want to have a consultation on Managed Services in New York? Call CompCiti Business Solutions at (212) 594-4374 today!

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Top 4 Reasons Your Company Must Use Expert Cyber security Services?

Do you have in-house expertise to  identify and counter cyber securitythreats? With increasing risk of cyber-attacks,you need expert cyber security services in New York to protect your business against the next cyberattack. With the appropriate combination of cyber security services & information security technology, operate your ITwithout interruptions in a world where everything is increasingly linked together.

In this post, we have listed top 4 reasons you should take into account while employing expert cyber security services in New York to maximize network security for your company.

Security evaluation & planning:

An increasing threat volume requires your company to constantly appraise & scrutinize new risks, threats and vulnerabilities that make you the next prey to a cyber attack.

Security evaluations make sure that you stay alert and proactive in terms of accessing a potential threat. Security consultants are skillful at constructing security road maps customized to your needs. Every security solution projected will have a recommended plan & will be matched with the tactical objectives of your company. The road map will be developed carefully to synchronize your present IT environment and your budget.

An extension of your in-house security team:

Your in-house IT department may not have the required skills and knowledge to access an incoming threat. Attackers are getting more sophisticated with their means of attack. It is becoming a norm to hear about a new form of attack almost every month. A cyber security expert is equipped with all the right tools and skills to keep them up-to-date with the threats and vulnerabilities. They work with your IT department or personnel and act as an extension to form a protective shield to proactively guard your business from a looming attack. 

Make the most of your security investments:

Numerous SMBs still consider cyber security cost as an expense rather than an investment. Imagine getting attacked by a Ransomware where you’d be held hostage to release your data in return of a ransom amount. Businesses end-up shelving thousands of dollars without the guarantee of retrieval of their data. On the other hand, spending on cyber security should be considered an investment to protect your data.

For comprehensive cyber security service in New York you can count on CompCiti Business Solutions. Our Cyber Security Experts are certified and skillful to safeguard your business from common cyber attacks like phishing to the most sophisticated threats like Ransomware.Call us at (212) 594-4374 to find out more about our Cyber Security Management Services. Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin social networks!

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How To Choose A Dependable Managed Cloud Services Provider in NY?

While shopping for a managed cloud service provider in NY, there’re quite a few attributes you will want to assess & keep track of. You have to ensure that your managed cloud service can fulfill your organization’s needs which are consistent with the required services & product needs.  Here in this post, we will discuss top 5steps you should take to pick a reliable managed cloud services provider.

Step 1: Identify your service requirements:

Create an in-house checklist of must have services before you start looking for managed cloud services provider in New York. You might want to avail services like private cloud to host your data, virtual servers, clusters to run production environments or data centers to support computer& data processing. Relying on the kind of cloud computing you are seeking, you mayopt for one vendor or multiple service providers. Preferably, it is recommended to use one dedicated service provider for all your managed services for easier management and cost perspective.

Step 2: Access the hardware capability of your managed cloud service provider

Not all companies have similar requirements from a managed cloud services provider. Accessing the hardware capability of a managed service provider helps ascertain the range and depth of their offering. Some typical services include 24×7 data monitoring, dependable disaster recovery system, in-house IT services and in-region network infrastructure.

Step 3: Access software support:

Besides the hardware’s ability, you will require assessing your managed cloud’s software compatibility. This refers to the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) supported by your cloud service supplier and can bedistinguished between a short change window & a drawn out-migration. However, if your service provider employs standard APIs that works  with your existing set-up, you will find the shift much more smoother.

Step 4: Scrutinize security:

If there are any cons of cloud, it’s the lack of dependable security protocols. Though most of the internet connected device sare vulner able to cyber and virus attacks, your managed services provider must thoroughly follow best-practices to cover all bases of possible exposure.A competently managed cloud service provider requires a set of security protocols intended to keep your all-important data safe & their systems functional. Ask your prospective cloud service regarding their external and internal security protocols to confirm what is safeguarding your data from user error, hardware failures, operator negligence and spiteful attacks.

Step 5: Get the paperwork done:

After selecting a cloud-managed service with which you want to work with, ensure you confer a service level agreement (SLA) that offers precisely the service you need, with standards for success & consequences for failure. This agreement makes sure you get what you pay for, and are not get stuck compensating for inadequate services.

It is essential to appraise the capability and reliability of a managed cloud service that you are thinking to handover your organization’s all-important data and the above-mentioned steps are a good road map to pursue before appointing a specific cloud service provider.

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Why Businesses should hire Managed IT Services in New York?

Managed IT services in New York is often recommended as a cost-effective solution for small and medium businesses.

Compared to the cost of having an in-house IT staffs or department, hiring managed IT services will prove to be a reasonably priced solution for your complex technology pains of businesses.   

Here’s a look at some of the best reasons that state why businesses should hire managed IT services in New York!

1. Enhanced Security:

Business operations include laptops, application, tablets, servers, operating systems, wearable technology to transfer or receive data. This makes it important to ensure a reliable cybersecurity measure to keep your business data and IT system secure. With a managed IT service, you make sure to gain a good reputation and trust among your clients, which ensures business growth.

2. Proactive Approach:

With a 24x7x365 managed IT service, as a business owner, you can resolve the problems like potential disturbances and vulnerabilities before they develop into more critical threats. A fully managed IT service and support will efficiently troubleshoot and remediate glitches or bugs to give you complete peace of mind.

3. Maximize Uptime:

Do you know!! Disasters like power failure, security breaches, and data loss can damage your business accounts and credibility. Is your New York business is completely prepared for emergencies?

 If you want to prevent the disasters and avoid the kind of damaging impact a downtime event can have on your business, then hiring managed IT services in New York will prove to be the right solution. Having proper functioning and efficient IT systems in your business will help you and your staffs to focus on their core operations and maximize uptime.

4. Stay Up-to-Date with Newer Technologies:

By hiring a managed IT service in New York, you will get the benefit from having access to the latest technology and business-grade solutions to maintain uptime and profitability. Having the benefits of business-grade technology for IT infrastructure, your New York-based business will gain reliability and credibility among the clients.

5. Get a True Partner:

A competent managed IT service provider in New York will prove to be your true partner with whom you can share risk and responsibilities. The goal of hiring managed IT service in New York is to optimize IT service, enhance efficiency and enable risk reduction.

Rather than being stressed about technology, business owners in New York can rely on professional managed IT service. This will help you enjoy the benefits of getting the assistance of highly trained IT experts that will boost your business network stability, performance, and reliability.

Are you searching for a competent managed IT service provider in New York?

CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc is here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 weeks a day and 365 days a year! Allow us to be your reliable managed IT services partner to ensure your business stays at peak efficiency.

Make sure to visit this url: to know more about our cost-effective managed IT services in New York!

We are a Certified Microsoft Silver Partner! Give us a call today at (212) 594-4374 to discuss your requirement with our expert professional!

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Affordable IT Packages with Regular and Personalized Computer Repair Service in New York

Hardware and software issues can be a huge drain on your productivity. A computer repair service in New York can help resolve those issues, and even prevent them from happening in the first place. Regular maintenance, software upgrades including Windows OS updates, virus protection, and other measures can ensure that your systems are running at peak efficiency at all times.

However, it’s important to find the right computer repair service. In New York, there are many, many different options, and all have varying levels of expertise, scope of work, and customer service. You want to find a company that will provide reliable, long-term solutions – an IT partner rather than a short-term repair service.

In this day and age of growing cyber threats, it’s also important to find a company well-versed in cybersecurity and other cyber management services. A firewall and a virus scanner isn’t enough to protect you from ransomware, worms, and hackers actively trying to break into your systems. You need a company that can find the holes in your systems with an information systems (IS) audit, and who can build a cybersecurity plan that keeps your organization protected.

Professional Computer Repair Services in New York

Here are a few of the services a professional computer repair service in New York can provide you:

  1. Computer setup, systems installation, and maintenance
  2. Computer scanning and managed IT services
  3. Computer system support including cybersecurity training
  4. Computer troubleshooting or repair
  5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) plans
  6. Cyber management services including IT audits and cybersecurity systems
  7. Wireless or wired networking
  8. Cloud services
  9. Hardware installation or upgrades
  10. Software installation or upgrades
  11. OS updates
  12. Memory upgrades
  13. Peripheral accessory replacement
  14. Antivirus installation or updates

These are just a few of the ways a computer repair service in New York can keep your organization running smoothly. Upgrading software ensures you have the latest versions running with the newest features, and ensures that all software keeps working well together. OS updates reduce the risk of viruses and other cyber threats to your system. The same is true for antivirus and firewall software. Cybersecurity and managed IT services will protect your systems and monitor them for unusual activity that could represent a cyber attack. DRBC plans are another layer of protection so that if the worst should happen, your data is still safely backed up and can be recovered quickly to reduce downtime.

CompCiti Business Solutions is a computer repair service in New York that can provide all the IT support services mentioned above, and more. We take a comprehensive approach to our clients’ IT systems that takes into account all aspects including network efficiencies, cybersecurity, and the newest technologies such as VoIP phone systems and cloud services. Perhaps our greatest strength is our ability to do a full assessment of your systems, find out your areas of need, and tailor a maintenance schedule and long-term IT plan that will fulfill your organization’s needs and business goals.

CompCiti also offers available 24/7 emergency service so that if your systems do go down, we can identify and fix any issues quickly either remotely or onsite as needed. We’re Working When You Are.

To find out more about CompCiti and our Google 5-Star service, please contact us at (212) 594-4374. CompCiti is a Microsoft Silver Partner with comprehensive cybersecurity services.

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4 Ways IT Consultants in New York Can Transform and Protect Your Business

In this digital age, IT consultants in New York have become an important part of business culture. Their technical expertise helps ensure the digital tools we use every day are efficient and secure.

That’s no easy feat. As you likely know from your own business or organization, technology is getting more complicated all the time. IT consultants in New York stay up to date with current IT trends so you don’t have to. New technologies, new cyber threats, and new complexities as systems become more and more integrated – all can be a drag on your business efficiencies. In the case of cyber attacks, it can even put you out of business.

Here are four ways hiring a reliable IT consultant in New York can help ensure your organization operates smoothly and securely:

1. Reliable, Professional Cybersecurity and IT Services

Nothing has the potential to put a company out of business like a cyber attack. These malicious assaults on your data can be for a variety of reasons: to hold your data for ransom, to steal your data, or just as an act of vandalism. No matter what the reason, the result can be lost data, lost money, lost customer confidence, and ultimately – for about 60% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) – bankruptcy within six months of the attack.

That’s why cyber security should be the number one concern of any organization. IT consultants in New York who specialize in cyber security can help you identify vulnerabilities in your systems through an IT audit. Then, they can fix those holes and develop a backup and disaster recovery plan so that if the worse should happen, most if not all your data will be safely backed up. They can also train your employees to identify potentially dangerous emails, website pages, and other threats, reducing your risk even further.

2. Frees You Up to Focus on Your Core Business

Streamlining your business to focus on your core activities makes good business sense. Many companies shed activities that don’t contribute directly to their bottom line, and IT is no different. By hiring an IT consultant rather than building your own IT department, you can get on doing what you do best and allow the IT professionals to take care of your IT systems. This will increase your overall cyber security, streamline your IT maintenance, and reduce your costs. The result will be better IT at a lower cost, and better overall business inefficiencies.

3. Expert, Scalable Service

Sometimes the problem is a printer that won’t print. Other times, there’s a problem that can threaten your whole system. The better IT consultants in New York have the appropriate response to any IT problem. It’s important to find out exactly what your IT consultant can do and what they can’t do. For example, if there is an issue that requires a Level 3 technician, will they be able to handle it in-house, or will they have to sub-contract to another company?

Finding the right IT consultant will give you the peace of mind you need that your IT systems are covered for any issue that comes up. They will also be able to help you plan and grow your IT infrastructure as you organization grows.

IT Consultants in New York

4. Lower IT Costs

Cost-cutting is always a concern these days. Many feel that by keeping all their IT staff in-house, they are saving money. Unfortunately, the opposite is usually true for small and medium size businesses (SMBs) and organizations. Not only are there the costs associated with salaries, benefits, and other labor-related expenses, there are also training costs and the costs associated with office space. Plus, by hiring a third-party IT consultant, you’re only paying for IT support when you need it.

About CompCiti

CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. is one of the most experienced IT consultants in New York. Since 1996, CompCiti has provided its clients with comprehensive IT services including cyber security, networking, backup and disaster recovery planning, cloud services, and more. CompCiti can provide fixed-cost managed IT and cyber security solutions to protect your companies data and systems, and make your organization run more efficiently. Visit us at or call today for a free phone consultation at (212) 594-4374.